Choosing the right light for a space sets the mood and ambience for your home. Your study should be a relaxing place, a haven from the rest of the house. You may even use it as your home office. Either way you need the right kind of lighting to comfortably spend any amount of time there. Take a look at our range of desk, table, floor and wall lights for inspiration.

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  • Avalas Film Light Antique Grey 1 OL03 CL e1573118767869

    Avalas Film Light – Matte Black

  • Bone Pipe Lamp Cut Out

    Bone Pipe Lamp

  • Geometric Tripod Lamp Cutout

    Geometer Tripod Lamp

  • Golden Metal Lamp

    Golden Metal Lamp

  • Martel Table Lamp

    Martel Table Lamp

  • Metal Jar Lamp

    Metal Jar Lamp

  • Office Table Lamp

    Office Table Lamp

  • Osian Black Desk Lamp 1 TL1801 e1573118662285

    Osian Desk Lamp

    From: £198
  • Pair of Skis Lamp

    Pair of Skis Lamp

  • Victoria Table Lamp Cut Out

    Palm Tree Table Lamp

  • Parabola Rusty Effect Lamp

    Parabola Rusty-Effect Lamp

  • Patodi Desk Lamp 1 AL1401 e1573119199323

    Patodi Desk Lamp

  • Patodi Standing Lamp 1 AL1501 1 e1573119938412

    Patodi Standing Lamp

  • Shilar Tripod Lamp 1 ML4002 compressed e1573120084787

    Shilar Tripod Lamp

  • Bamboo Lamp

    Slender Bamboo Floor Lamp

  • Sliding Floor Lamp Cutout

    Sliding Floor Lamp