Desk Accessories

Desk Accessories

Add some personality to your office space with our beautifully crafted brass desk accessories. From geometric paperweights to quirky bookmarks, find your niche.

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  • Brass Magnifier Stand

    Brass Magnifier Stand

  • Cylindrical Hurricane Tea Light Holder Cut Out

    Cylindrical Hurricane Tea-Light Holder

  • Desk Clock on Tripod Stand Cut Out

    Desk Clock on Tripod Stand

  • Elephant Bookmark 1 EB34 WB

    Elephant Bookmark

  • Kanini Brass Ball Paperweight 1 DP1501 e1573142561248

    Kanini Brass Ball Paperweight

  • Kanini Diamond Brass Paperweight 1 DP1502 e1573142751835

    Kanini Diamond Brass Paperweight

  • Kapkot Scissors 1 BS39 WB e1573144292383

    Kapkot Scissors

    From: £30
  • Losal Brass Letter Opener 1 EL02 e1573147257918

    Losal Brass Letter Opener

  • Plastron Metal Sculpture Cutout

    Plastron Metal Ornament

  • Wooden Solitare Board 1 MS3601 e1573158235711

    Round Wooden Solitaire Board

  • Snail Bookmark 1 SB35 WB e1573161332932

    Snail Bookmark

  • Snail Paperweight 1 BS4302 WB e1573161410687

    Snail Paper Weight

    From: £11
  • Stag Bookmark 1 SB36 WB e1573161519638

    Stag Bookmark

  • Two Dogs Trinket Tray Cut Out

    Two Dogs Trinket Tray