Pots & Vases

Pots & Vases

Whether inside or outside the home, showcase your plants and flowers with one of our stunning collections of pots & vases. From the rustic and subtle wooden tones of our Kumari range, to the industrial look and feel of our reclaimed iron Shirashi pots and planers. Find the perfect match for your green fingers.

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  • Amorli Round Brass Pot 1 NP02 WB e1573123748954

    Amorli Round Brass Pot

  • Amorli Tall Brass Pot 1 NP03 WB e1573123863557

    Amorli Tall Brass Pot

  • Amorli Tapered Brass Pot 1 NP04 WB e1573126914710

    Amorli Tapered Brass Pot

  • Black Terracotta Deco Vase

    Black Terracotta Deco Vase

  • Grey Glass Vase

    Grey Glass Vase

  • Ludlow Large White Stone Planter With Saucer 1

    Ludlow Large White Stone Planter With Saucer

  • Shirashi Reclaimed Iron Planter 1 EP0402 e1573075707554

    Shirashi Reclaimed Iron Planter

    From: £88
  • Shirashi Reclaimed Iron Pot 1 EP0602 e1573161007520

    Shirashi Reclaimed Iron Pot

    From: £50
  • Shirashi Reclaimed Iron Round Pot 1 EP0502 e1573160926456

    Shirashi Reclaimed Iron Round Planter

    From: £30
  • Siana Clay Planter 1 AP0802 WB e1573076094970

    Siana Clay Pot

    From: £15
  • White Terracotta Deco Vase

    White Terracotta Deco Vase