Cabinets & Dressers

Cabinets & Dressers

Our handcrafted Cabinets & Dressers are perfect for keeping your crockery tidy or for showcasing your prized possessions. From storing wine to displaying your favourite knick-knacks, take a look through our stunning range of Cabinets & Dressers.

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  • Aspen Narrow Dresser Top CL10 e1573053892610 scaled

    Aspen Dresser Top

  • Narrow Dresser Top MD08 min e1573059973855

    Bordeaux Narrow Dresser Top

  • Wine Cabinet MD11 1

    Bordeaux Wine Cabinet

  • Canterbury Display Cabinet HD07 e1580221701490 scaled

    Canterbury Display Cabinet

  • Kampur Iron Cabinet 1  e1573065119725

    Kampur Iron Cabinet

  • Madison 1 Large Bookcase TY08 e1573069835703

    Madison Large Bookcase

  • Monterrey 1 Narrow Dresser Top TN06 1 e1573070983615

    Monterrey Dresser Top

  • Vancouver 1 Display Cabinet KD06 Copy e1573077234851

    Vancouver Display Cabinet

  • Verona Tall Bookcase VT12 1

    Verona Tall Bookcase

  • Verona Wide Dresser Top VT11 1 e1573078326273 scaled

    Verona Wide Dresser Top