Kitchen & Dining

Kitchen & Dining

Function and practicality doesn’t have to sacrifice style and personality. From solid wood furniture, to bowls and ornaments. complete your kitchen and dining look with our hand picked collections.

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  • Ace of Spades

    Ace of Spades in Frame

  • low

    Adoshi Iron Candlestick

  • Akane Uneven Bowl

    Akane Uneven Bowl

  • Alnavi Seagrass Basket tall 1 NB0703 WB e1573053070256

    Alnavi Seagrass Basket

    From: £33
  • Aluminium Wine Cooler

    Aluminium Wine Cooler

  • Amorli Round Brass Pot 1 NP02 WB e1573123748954

    Amorli Round Brass Pot

  • Amorli Tall Brass Pot 1 NP03 WB e1573123863557

    Amorli Tall Brass Pot

  • Amorli Tapered Brass Pot 1 NP04 WB e1573126914710

    Amorli Tapered Brass Pot

  • Aphrodite Sculpture Cutout

    Aphrodite Sculpture

  • Arrah Round Tray 1 DT05 5 e1573128441458

    Arrah Round Tray

    From: £56
  • Aspen Dining Chair CL02 scaled

    Aspen Dining Chair

  • Aspen Narrow Dresser Top CL10 e1573053892610 scaled

    Aspen Dresser Top

  • Aspen Extending Dining Table extended 600x400 1 e1590498661272

    Aspen Extending Dining Table

    From: £556
  • Aspen Round Dining Table e1573053432615 scaled

    Aspen Round Dining Table

  • Aspen Narrow Sideboard CL09 1

    Aspen Sideboard

  • Bakori Mango Wooden Bowl

    Bakori Mango Wooden Bowl