Sometimes the main bedroom light is just too bright, Add a warm glow to the room or a spotlight by the bed when you want to snuggle down with a good book. Take a look at our stylish lamps to help you achieve just the right light for whatever you have in mind.

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  • Anandur Brass Sliding Wall Light rust 1 TL0402

    Anandur Brass Sliding Wall Light

    From: £215
  • Anandur Brass Extendable Wall Light rust 1 TL0901

    Anandur Extendable Wall Light

    From: £154
  • Avalas Film Light Antique Grey 1 OL03 CL e1573118767869

    Avalas Film Light – Matte Black

  • Bakkala Mango Wood Lamp 1 ML4201

    Bakkala Mango Wood Lamp

  • Bone Pipe Lamp Cut Out

    Bone Pipe Lamp

  • Golden Metal Lamp

    Golden Metal Lamp

  • Hubli Caged Lamp Bronze

    Hubli Caged Table Lamp

  • Kalase Brass Spotlight 1 antique brass TL0203 e1573119094500

    Kalase Brass Spot Light

    From: £88
  • Kelwa Lampshade Ink 1 DL4404

    Kelwa Lampshade – Ink

    From: £22
  • Kelwa Lampshade Natural 1 DL3304 compressed e1572976936550

    Kelwa Lampshade – Natural

    From: £22
  • Kelwa Lampshade Stone 1 DL4304 1 1

    Kelwa Lampshade – Stone

    From: £22
  • Martel Table Lamp

    Martel Table Lamp

  • Metal Jar Lamp

    Metal Jar Lamp

  • Nashik Large Wide

    Nashik Round Clear Glass Lamp

    From: £88
  • Nashik Large Tall

    Nashik Tall Clear Glass Lamp

    From: £88
  • Office Table Lamp

    Office Table Lamp