Keep your unwanted clutter at bay with our stylish collection of storage solutions. From the soft tones of our driftwood ladder to the distressed look of our Cherai iron shelf or simple laundry baskets. Whether you’re looking to add some style to the bathroom or just want to keep your laundry off the floor, we have you covered.

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  • Alnavi Seagrass Basket tall 1 NB0703 WB e1573053070256

    Alnavi Seagrass Basket

    From: £33
  • Braided Hemp Storage Basket 1 BH35 WB e1573061199831

    Braided Hemp Storage Basket

    From: £50
  • Cherai Iron Shelf 1 US02 e1573048435331

    Cherai Iron Shelf

    From: £195
  • Driftwood Ladder

    Driftwood Ladder

  • Kakkeri Basket 1 NB1302 e1573142200642

    Kakkeri Basket

    From: £40
  • Kamarle e1573818933920

    Kamarle Storage Jar

    From: £30
  • Karamale Basket black natural 1 EB3703 e1573144796822

    Karamale Basket (Black & Natural)

    From: £20
  • Karamale Basket natural 1 EB3603 e1573144978204

    Karamale Basket (Natural)

    From: £20
  • Kurani Rattan Laundry Bin 1 AB7001 e1573146980623

    Kurani Rattan Laundry Bin

  • Kurani Rattan Storage Stand 1 AS5301 e1573147184662

    Kurani Rattan Storage Stand

  • Rattan Chunky Basket 1 RB37 5 e1573149055127

    Rattan Chunky Basket

    From: £80
  • Recycled Wood Shelf

    Recycled Wood Storage Unit