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Shop By Room

If you’re looking for ideas to freshen up a particular room in your house, then try using our Shop By Room feature. Here you can search for all the items we have available by room which might be really useful for next project. Just hover your pointer over ‘Shop By Room’ above and choose where you want to go.

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  • Ace of Spades

    Ace of Spades in Frame

  • low

    Adoshi Iron Candlestick

  • Akane Uneven Bowl

    Akane Uneven Bowl

  • Alnavi Seagrass Basket tall 1 NB0703 WB e1573053070256

    Alnavi Seagrass Basket

    From: £30
  • Aluminium Wine Cooler

    Aluminium Wine Cooler

  • Coast Sunset Abstract Oatmeal Throw BL292 045 Detail

    Amesbury Oatmeal Throw

  • Amorli Round Brass Pot 1 NP02 WB e1573123748954

    Amorli Round Brass Pot

  • Amorli Tall Brass Pot 1 NP03 WB e1573123863557

    Amorli Tall Brass Pot

  • Amorli Tapered Brass Pot 1 NP04 WB e1573126914710

    Amorli Tapered Brass Pot

  • Anandur Black Desk Lamp 1 TL1801 e1573118662285

    Anandur Black Desk Lamp

  • Anandur Brass Sliding Wall Light rust 1 TL0402

    Anandur Brass Sliding Wall Light

    From: £195
  • Anandur Brass Extendable Wall Light rust 1 TL0901

    Anandur Extendable Wall Light

    From: £140
  • Anandur rust desk lamp 5055672475774 5867250122850 800x e1589311927803

    Anandur Rust Desk Lamp

  • Aphrodite Sculpture

    Aphrodite Sculpture

  • Arrah Round Tray 1 DT05 5 e1573128441458

    Arrah Round Tray

    From: £56
  • 4 Drawer Chest CT07 1

    Aspen 4 Drawer Chest