Kitchen & Dining Room

Kitchen & Dining Room

Function and practicality doesn’t have to sacrifice style and personality. From our range of solid wood dining tables, to handcrafted wine racks. Complete your kitchen and dining look with our quality collections.

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  • Aspen Dining Chair CL02 scaled

    Aspen Dining Chair

  • Aspen Narrow Dresser Top CL10 e1573053892610 scaled

    Aspen Dresser Top

  • Aspen Extending Dining Table extended 600x400 1 e1590498661272

    Aspen Extending Dining Table

    From: £556
  • Aspen Round Dining Table e1573053432615 scaled

    Aspen Round Dining Table

  • Aspen Narrow Sideboard CL09 1

    Aspen Sideboard

  • Extending Dining Table MD05 e1573058149171

    Bordeaux Extending Dining Table

  • Extending Leg Dining Table MD04EXT 1

    Bordeaux Extending X Leg Dining Table

  • Hallway Cupboard MD24 1 e1573058406326

    Bordeaux Hallway Cupboard

  • Narrow Dresser Top MD08 min e1573059973855

    Bordeaux Narrow Dresser Top

  • Narrow Sideboard MD07 e1573060699587

    Bordeaux Narrow Sideboard

  • Wide Sideboard MD09 e1573060773685

    Bordeaux Wide Sideboard

  • Wine Cabinet MD11 1

    Bordeaux Wine Cabinet

  • X Leg Bench MD23 e1573060891114

    Bordeaux X Leg Bench

  • Canterbury Round Dining Table e1573064768799 scaled

    Canterbury Round Dining Table

  • Cheltenham Oak Salon Bergere Chair With Linen Cushions 1

    Cheltenham Oak Salon Bergere Chair With Linen Cushions

  • Cheltenham Rock Grey Chair With Arms 1

    Cheltenham Rock Grey Chair With Arms